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Making The Decision To Outsource Bid Writing Or Develop An Inhouse Team

A Frequently Asked Question To Bid Writers

One of the most frequently asked questions that many Bid Writing service providers are quizzed about is should I outsource or recruit Bid Writing staff internally. This can be quite a tough decision to make because the training costs and other setup costs that are involved in producing Tender documents inhouse can take time to see a return on whereas using an external Bid Writing consultant, whilst more expensive per Tender produced, is a better option short-term because their are fewer risks involved.

Recruiting an inhouse Business Development Manager, Bid Writer and Bid Manager will certainly require the same level of commitment from the company in terms of costs. These costs will likely take time to recoup whereas hiring an external Bid Writer or external team of Bid Writers is a pretty much instantaneous return on investment (ROI) in terms of tenders produced and submitted, and new opportunities won.

There comes a point, however, when a company would be far better to go to the effort of recruiting inhouse. This is a much more sustainable and cost effective option despite the higher initial investment required. Bid Writers are highly skilled and experienced individuals so hiring the right people to come and work for your company and write winning tenders will not come cheap. But think about the potential for new business that your company could win with the right people onboard. The matter of whether it’s worth it to hire a Bid Writer or do it yourself isn’t the question being asked here though. The question is whether hire an experienced, skilled Bid Writer (or, indeed, have a candidate trained up to fit this role) or whether to outsource this work. The answer to this is it depends. Now if the question was “Can I set just anyone in my current team, without training, writing my bids for me or should I outsource?” then the answer would clearly be “Outsource or don’t bother producing Bid Documents at all”. This is pretty much like asking “Should someone who can do the job do the job or should someone who can’t do the job do the job?”. It sounds kind of silly when I put it like that now doesn’t it?

Ask Yourself The Right Questions And You’ll Get The Right Answer

The decision about whether your company should hire (or have trained up) a Bid Writer or outsource should really depend on the current business plan. I can’t answer this question for you, I can only guide you in the right direction and teach you how to ask yourself the right questions which are:

Can we currently afford the upfront costs in hiring more staff?Do we have the correct infrastructure in place in write our own successful bid documents inhouse?What are the costs of hiring an individual/team permanently verses outsourcing?

Once you’ve answered these questions fully, including writing down the costs and benefits of each option then you should have your answer.

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