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Usenet Browsers – How They Work With Usenet

Using a Browser to Access Usenet

Usenet is full of constantly updated content in the form of messages, images, and files. Accessing this content is most easily done through an application known as a newsreader or Usenet browser. Many different Usenet browsers exist, and any Usenet review will tell you that some are more full-featured than others. In particular, many Usenet reviews point to the Mimo Usenet Browser. Mimo is an application used for browsing Usenet, much like a web browser helps you navigate the world wide web. One key feature of Mimo is that it is customized specifically for the Usenet provider, Giganews. The Mimo Usenet Browser has taken the sometimes confusing landscape of Usenet and structured it into an easy to understand format that anyone can use. Read the rest of this entry »

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