Website Flipping Profits

How To Flip Websites For Money

Website flipping can be a very lucrative way of making money online. Theirs several ways you can do this and I will cover what has worked best with me. First thing is first based on your skills you need to decide whether to build a website from scratch or buy a website and resell it.

Building Your Own Website

This has been the most effective way of flipping websites for me. What I do is go on digitalpoint forums and go into the scripts for sale section. Look at some new and unique scripts people are selling. This will help you brainstorm and find new and interesting website concepts. You can buy an already made script, modify it slightly so it’s unique and promote it on Facebook for a couple of weeks to drive traffic. Once you have a week or two of steady traffic and people using the site you can turn around and sell the site as established. To make more money off of the site sale you can put AdSense on the site. You can sell your site for 12 months the monthly income. For example your site makes $10 a day with AdSense that’s $300 a month and $3,600 a year. If the website is custom you can add $1,500 to that value giving your total profit of over $5,000. Now don’t buy and sell crappy websites try to focus on quality not quantity.

Buy A Website

Another effective and less time consuming way of flipping websites is buying an already established website. Buying an already established website takes a lot of work out of the flipping process. You can buy a website that has a good concept but little or no traffic and revenue. Once you buy the site focus on SEO and driving traffic and revenue to the site. Rinse and repeat then sell the sites once you have atlas 1 month of revenue reporting.

You can also buy a website that gets good traffic and a little revenue and redesign it, relaunch the site bringing in more revenue then flip the site again for a much bigger profit.

I hope I gave you some valuable information that will make flipping websites a little easier and profitable. Make sure don’t do what everyone else is doing try to be unique and you’ll make more money! Sell websites you can see yourself buying. Once hot niche that almost guarantees a sale is anything web hosting related. For some reason people go crazy over web hosting review sites.


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