Why to use Web metrics

Web promotion is solely based on Science and technology. Here science as a subject deals with rational way of planning for online marketing and technology transforms those knowledge and plan into application. Professionals engaged in dissecting online marketing initiatives aim to improve website visibility and increase marketing ROI (return on investment). Driven by these aims, they look to use cost – effective and interactive marketing tools, which are technically known as search engine optimization techniques.

But, turning a mere aim into a reality is quite effortful. It requires oozing out knowledge and experience through proper ways. Proper ways start here in this world, with making informed site design so that driving targeted traffic and converting visitors into buyers to increase profits become easier.

But, all these will be possible without using Web metrics? Anyone associated with search engine marketing (SEM) must agree with the fact that strong knowledge of the usefulness of Web Analytics is very necessary to ensure solid promotion of any website. It is definitely on inseparable organ of online marketing’s science and technology.

Honestly speaking, webmasters look to these technologies eagerly, burn the midnight oil to keep them abreast of their updates, and amass knowledge of their application processes via participating in social media sites, etc. And, they do to help shape and optimize their websites, and obviously to stand all these out in the vast and ceaseless competition of online marketing.

If marketing they bring professionals can ensure ways of optimization in changes in their and in the site design as per the outputs of web metric tools, dreams of achieving aims and gaining desired profits will surely come true successfully. For this, they need to take a few steps as follows:

i) drive targeted web traffic to the site

ii) persuade visitors to the site take the desired actions they want those visitors to take

iii) make effective use of the Web metrics to analyze

(iv)) measure user behavior

With using web metrics, webmasters can enlighten themselves on the following topics:

(I) site usage:

They will come to know of the number of visits, page views, pages or visit, bounce rates, average time spent by the visitors on the site, and percentage of new visits. Taking a cue from the reports of site usage will enable the SEO strategists to figure out absolute and positive marketing plan.

(Ii) visitors Overview:

Going through the report of visitors overview will help those strategists to know of number of people visited their sites, absolute unique visitors, pages views, average page views, time spent on site, new visits, as well as the names of browser visitors used to get to their sites. Visitor segmentation is also possible in terms of visitors’ profile, namely language, network locations, and user defined. Gaining knowledge of the browser profile, namely browsers’ name, operating systems, is also possible, besides visualization of geographic locations of the visitors as generated by the map overlay.

(Iii) content Overview:

With using it, they can analyze the navigation the web pages across activities of the visitors. Navigation summary will say how visitors found the content of the web pages. Entrance paths will say about the paths which were used to get to the site. Besides, marketing strategists can plan next SEO routes as per the observation made through the reports of entrance sources and entrance keywords under the land page optimization overview. On the other hand, in-page analysis through click patterns’ reports will let them of their websites know click data on top.

(Iv) traffic sources Overview:

When web promotion is all about attracting web traffic and converting them into buyers of the sites’ offerings from Mère visitors, knowledge of traffic sources will immensely help plan effectively. For example, data regarding total number of direct visits, via referring sites and via search engines must help brainstorm many a thing related with search engine optimization techniques. Right selection of keywords for traffic redirection is possible provided the report is closely followed.

There are a number of free and paid webmaster tools to choose from. If they can ensure that they are using the right tools, they must be able to improve their site visibility, besides monitoring web visitors’ behavior such as how and where they found the site, or what pages they landed on, etc. These information can help guide marketing professionals make a stronger lead. In its true sense, keeping close tab over the activities of the competitor sites, monitoring own sites’ performances and making marketing plan accordingly are the basic reasons as to why online marketing strategists should use Web metrics.

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